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Introducing Plume from the prestigious Little Lamps collection — an exquisite synthesis of artistry and illumination. Elevate your space with the ethereal glow of this meticulously crafted wall lamp, its form gracefully mimicking a massive feather. The quill shaped lamp is a poetic tribute to elegance, a captivating luminary that transcends mere lighting.

Certified by CCC for quality assurance, the wall lamp features a singular LED light source embedded within a delicately sculpted, feather-shaped design. The upward direction of the light enhances the graceful contours, casting a luminous glow that transforms any room into a sanctuary of sophistication. With a lighting area spanning 5-10 square meters, this wall sconce is not merely a fixture; it is a statement of refined taste.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Plume is a testament to both durability and aesthetics. The feather-shaped body, forged with meticulous artistry, adds a touch of organic elegance to your living spaces. Its subtle curves and detailed lines make it a conversation piece, seamlessly blending into the decor of your foyer, bedroom, study, or dining room.

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